How To Protect Metal Railings From Corrosion

How To Protect Metal Railings From Corrosion

How To Protect Metal Railings From Corrosion

Protecting Metal Railings: Essential Steps to Prevent Corrosion

Don't let rust damage compromise the appearance and safety of your metal railings. Rust can weaken them from the inside out, causing them to collapse under pressure. To ensure the integrity of your railings and meet your health and safety obligations, follow these key steps:

Regular Inspection: Check for rust annually, especially in areas exposed to humidity or rainfall. Pay close attention to welds, as corrosion can make them unstable.

Take Preventive Measures: Rather than waiting for rust to appear, be proactive and keep it at bay. This will make inspections a routine part of maintenance.

Use Galvanised or Metal Sprayed Steel: Galvanised railings are fortified against corrosion. If the coating chips off, the metal is still protected from rain, humidity, and other damaging elements. Metal spraying is a cost-effective alternative with similar benefits.

Apply Powder Coating: Unlike paint, powder coating is highly durable and less likely to chip off in high-use areas. It not only provides a superior aesthetic finish but also protects against rust for a longer period.

Regularly Clean the Surface: Clean railings to remove contaminants that can lead to rust. With powder coated metal, cleaning is quick and easy. Choose appropriate detergents and avoid abrasive tools that could damage the coating.

By following these guidelines, you can safeguard your metal railings from corrosion, ensuring their longevity and preserving their appearance.



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